AVOID Sun hair Damage this SUMMER!!

PROTECT Your Hair this SUMMER!!

Avoid your hair and scalp getting SCORCHED this summer

Summer Hair facts!!

Invest in a sun hat and protect your hair from the UV rays, in the same sense that your skin can suffer if not protected in the sunshine, your hair is the same! 


"Hair fibre, is basically a protein and hence is susceptible to damage due to heat and UV rays, just like your skin.

The sun's rays can work just like a too-hot hair dryer. So, the main advice about hair care that can help lower summer hair damage is to avoid using a hot hair dryer too often whilst its the summer season!

"If you have long hair wear it up in knots, braids or buns. Avoid leaving your hair open when out in the sun!

Ensure you hair is well moisturised and conditioned prior to the leaving the house on a sunny day. The heat from the sun causes your hair to lose moisture fast!

Simple tips and a little attention paid to the 'crowning glory' can help you maintain your luscious mane even during the scorching heat this summer.


Sal Wyn

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