My Henna Tutorial:

Strengthen Your Hair Naturally:

Henna is I believe one of natures best PROTEIN Treatments!

  • If you have thin hair
  • Hair that is breaking
  • Hair that feels weak

Henna promises to:

  • Strengthen your hair
  • Stop Breakage
  • Make your hair feel thicker
  • Give you natural highlights based on your own hair colour

When the mix is prepared right you will be seriously addicted to the effects this great powder made up of ground up leaves and herbs has on your hair, relaxed or natural.

My Henna Mix

So what is Henna?

Henna is an all natural dye made from the leaves of the lawsonia henna plant. It has been used since ancient times to color skin (the art of mendi), fiber, and hair. The type of soil in which it is grown affects the intensity and shade of the color, but Henna yields just one type of color: red.

Henna's red color comes from a molecular protein. When Henna is used to color hair, the person is actually bonding a protein coating to their hair, which explains why Henna is the most permanent of dyes.

The red tint on my hair left by the henna!

Protein gives your hair 'MUSCLE!

Protein bonds inside your hair!
Our hair is made up of an ingredient called Keratin, which is a form of protein, the same fibre your nails are made up from.

Protein treatments are used to help “repair” damaged hair by filling in the hair shaft and giving it added strength and therefore longevity.

I prefer natural alternatives to chemicals, so Henna is a great protein treatment for my hair, it instantly makes my hair feel stronger and healthier.

Henna in my hair


Protein Overload :(

Protein in hair treatments can lead to the hair feeling stiff and hard when overused, but the hair DOES need protein, especially when damaged.

I usually henna my hair every 8-12 weeks, however depending on your hair type it can be used as frequently as once a month.

Many women who use high-protein hair treatments report that some of the products made their hair feel “dry” or “hard”. This can sometimes be associated with breakage because the hair is more rigid. This is often due to the fact that the women often misuse the products in question. They think that they need a product when they don’t or the product isn’t suited for their hair type.

Do not use too much protein, if your hair is healthy a protein treatment every couple of months is ideal, but it really depends on the health of your hair.

Quick HOW-to? Henna Tips:

1) Buy Body quality Art Henna - this is very important!

2) Mix  1 PACKET with, 1 part coconut milk, any cheapie conditioner you like, Boiled water

3) Ensure the mixture is loose enough for you to apply to your hair as a thick paste

4) Let the mix rest overnight if you want a real colour change or for a couple of hours if you have no time.

5) Spread newspaper on the bathroom floor and wear latex gloves, throw on an old t-shirt and section your hair.

Wear Gloves always unless you want to keep explaining why your hands are ORANGE!!
6) Apply the henna to your hair from root to tip, smooth into the hair gently ensuring all strands are covered.

7) Once completely covered  wrap your head with cling-film, and relax for a couple of hours.

8)  Rinse henna from your hair thoroughly,it can be grainy so use a mild shampoo if having trouble, follow up with a light conditioner, and notice the feel of your hair once it is all rinsed out- what do you think?

My Great Henna Shine

9)  Apply a hydrating Deep Conditioner and sit under a steamer or dryer for 30 mins, rinse and marvel at your hair!

Some people add an acidic ingredient to their mix to help the colour release, I don't as I find it naturally releases when left overnight, as I find adding vinegar or lemon juice too drying for my hair!

I always follow up with a moisturising deep conditioner as the henna as great as the benefits are can be drying on the hair at times.

Try it for yourself and see how your hair improves over time, Indian ladies have been using this for years and their hair always looks long and healthy!

Love yourself, Love your hair



Little Girls can LOVE their hair!

SESAME STREET, lets little black girls know its cool to LOVE YOUR NATURAL HAIR!!

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I want little black girls to love their hair, but the message I try to give, is really aimed at the parents, get your child to watch this video and see how they react...my daughter loves it, we have played it 6 times in 30 minutes already!!

I absolutely LOVE this video and its sooooooooo relevant to me right now, Sesame street have taken up my mission to get little black girls to love their own hair, and they even show how its curly and pretty, DOES NOT NEED relaxer and can still be styled, does grow healthily and most of all can be LOVED!! in 98 SECONDS!

We really need to look at the message we are sending out to our little girls when it comes to a huge part of their identity- THEIR NATURAL HAIR!

Its too easy to say ' I can't do hair or the hair is too tough or it DOESN'T GROW!! 

Take the time to invest in your daughters hair for their future, we do not need to see generation upon generation of Little black girls lost in a wave of 'WEAVES, WIGS, FAKE HAIR', even before they have hit puberty!!

Most kids hate vegetables or green foods, in a child's mind it looks yucky!  but if they are conditioned over time, they get used to those vegetables!

3 TOP TIPS to Get your little girl to love her hair!!

1)  Lead by example...ladies if you are always hiding your natural hair, or you never feel the urge to run your fingers through your own hair, maybe because its damaged, thinning, balding, then do something about it and explain to your child that you love your real hair, but you are growing it out!  The wig and weave are great styling options and great ways to grow your own hair, but PLEASE do not forsake your own hair, HAIR-LINE, for the sake of the fake hair

2)  Take the time to look after your child's hair!   Kinky, Coily or curly hair, basically hair that is not straight is never easy to deal with.   You know from your own childhood that Afro hair types and textures is no wash and go hair!   So with this in mind take a day out to condition, moisturise and style your child's hair so they feel good about themselves.  Make it a routine and it will become normal.

3) Say no to the chemicals! Relaxer are not a quick fix!!  Countless parents fall for the pretty kiddies relaxer box, designed by unscrupulous marketing machines of MILLION pound companies who take pleasure in producing a caustic chemical that we are happy to apply to a child as young of 2 years old head!!

Relaxers weaken your child's hair, relaxed hair actually requires more maintenance than Afro hair, so if you think you can apply the relaxer one day and continue to neglect the child's hair routine without causing hair-loss or worse, sorry but you are mistaken!

check this out:


Scalp Massage = Hair GROWTH and a healthier and nourished scalp!

Regular Scalp Massages = Healthier hair growth, less dandruff and can stop hair loss!

Have you ever wanted to know what it takes to have healthy long hair that flows freely from your own scalp?

Have you ever wanted to stop the constant itching that sees you hitting your head like a ball or scratching your scalp constantly?

Do you suffer from constant white flakes that are not only an embarrassment but knock your confidence?

If the answer is YES, then read on to see how you can help to alleviate your scalp issues and in the process grow healthier, longer hair.

Why Massage your scalp?  

When initiated properly regular scalp massages will have the following effects:

  • ·         Increase blood circulation to the hair follicles
  • ·         Increase relaxation, decrease stress
  • ·         Condition the scalp
  • ·         Boost the strength of the hair roots.
  • ·         Less premature hair loss

The kneading pressure applied by massage, warms the skin and opens up blood vessels to increase flow and boost circulation.  Increased circulation means that the cells of the hair follicle will receive more of the nutrients necessary to optimal hair growth function.
The rubbing motion promotes relaxation and feels good, thus increasing the production of "feel good" chemicals that work to lower levels of stress hormone in the body.  Lower stress levels allow your organs to function more efficiently, thus boosting your hair follicle's ability to grow hair.

As well as the above benefits you can further enhance the health of your hair and scalp by using a quality stimulating hair oil to massage your scalp with, especially when you suffer with scalp flakes, dandruff and a tight feeling scalp.

Please don't let it get too late...look after YOUR HAIR NOW...Money can buy you the best hair, but it cannot buy new hair roots!

Use Quality oils:

The SCALP HYDRATiON Serum, is an ALL NATURAL solution, it’s a great Scalp oil, formulated with naturally stimulating essential oils of ROSEMARY, Minerals and a combination of scalp loving fruit and vegetable oils including Virgin Coconut oil, your scalp will feel nourished after the very first use.

The Perfect Nourishment for your Hair Roots!

Key Ingredients:

Coconut oil helps slow down the hair shedding process and rosemary stimulates hair follicles to produce new hair growth while inhibiting the natural shedding process.

Since good circulation is a key component in the natural hair growth process, scalp massage is a very enjoyable way to fight the problem of premature hair loss.

Results from users of this ALL-Natural Scalp Oil:

How to Correctly Perform a Scalp Massage:

While any stimulation to the skin of the scalp can increase circulation, a properly done scalp massage can deliver all of the benefits needed for increased hair and scalp health. Begin by choosing a quality ALL NATURAL Scalp oil that is appropriate for your particular hair problem.

Warm the oil by placing a small amount in a dish and placing that dish over a bowl of hot water. Dip your fingers into the oil and apply it to your scalp by using your fingers to part different section of your hair. Once your scalp is covered in oil you can begin the massage.

For the most benefits begin massaging your scalp at the hairline above your forehead and work your way back to the base of your skull. Use medium pressure while moving your fingers in a tight circular motion in order to promote relaxation and thoroughly condition the scalp and hair. 

Once you have reached your neck, begin the process again for the sides of your head by massaging from above the temple to the back of your head.

Once you have massaged your entire scalp with circular motions you can begin the process again, only this time use a little more pressure and more vigorous movements. This step in the massage will increase circulation for better blood flow and help remove dry or dead skin cells that can inhibit hair growth. 

Love yourself, Love your hair



Stimulate Your Scalp To GROW Hair!

Scalp Stimulation = Better Hair Growth

How many times a day do you think about the skin that is home to one of the most significant features of your individual identity- Your Hair,  and that home being your scalp- once. twice never?

Well your not alone, as the scalp is often the most neglected area of skin on our bodies, some people's scalp only get cleansed once maybe twice a month, some  people think that dirt on their scalp that is accumulating under a weave or a wig is actually productive for hair growth?

Unfortunately neither way of thinking or acting is great for growing hair!

If you never washed or moisturised the skin on your face for weeks or months at a time, how much dirt do you think that skin would accumulate...eeeeeeeeeeeewwww! its not even worth thinking about, so why try the skin that is home to your hair any different? 

After all its still skin isnt it?

TLC Tips for your scalp to help your hair grow:

Cleanse your scalp regularly:

Aim to keep your scalp clean and dirt free as much as possible.  Any build-up of sweat, grease or dirt will slow down and even stop active hair growth.  The roots of the hair need to breathe so help them by cleansing your scalp regularly.

No Poo! cleansing:

Your shampoo can sometimes be the greatest irritant to a sensitive scalp, many shop brought shampoos contain Sulphates in them, these harmful ingredients are the cleansing and foamiong agents in your shampoo, howver they are too harsh for hair of afro descent and too harsh for the scalp also.

Use a shampoo that is Sulphate free, try an organic shampoo or try a conditioner to wash the hair and scalp with.

Conditioner aka - co-washing

I often use a conditioner to wash my hair with- why?  Because its far less drying than your average shampoo, and being aperson with afro hair my hair is always dry, so the conditioner helps me to combat the dryness associated with washing your hair, by adding moisture to my hair and cleansing my scalp at the same time.

Nourish your dry thirsty scalp like the plants in your garden!

If your a keen gardener you will understand that your beloved plants will only flourish and thrive when their soil is moist, the roots are tenderly nourished and stimulated with a fertiliser from time to time and they are not thirsty. 

In short, your soil is your scalp and your plant is your hair! 

Of course hair will always grow on your head until the day you die, however the type of hair you will grow is dependant on the nourishment your scalp receives

Quench my thirst:

When it comes to my scalp, I only reach out for all things natural, Grease is the devils child in my book, cheap, thick and sticky, it does not penetrate through the skin in the scalp to where nourishment is needed, instead it allows dirt to accumulate and slow down hair growth.

You can grow weak thin hair prone to breakage due to its home (being neglected and not nourished) or you can grow stronger thicker hair due to its home being nourished and quenched. 

A Natural Solution:

A great new product to try out today is the Scalp Hydration Serum, see below for details and a chance to buy it  from this site at the special introductory price of £9.99 until the end of August. 

Only £9.99 Now!

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Formulated hand in hand with Mother Nature, using 100% PURE and NATURAL ingredients and ‘Active Mineral Particles that melt on contact with your hair and scalp to fortify and strengthen after just one use.

Consistent use of this oil will:


Dry, Weak and breaking hair/Hair lines

Scalp flaking/Dandruff

Constant itching

And give you:

A Healthy, Nourished scalp from the root!

Thicker, longer, stronger hair growth

No more itching or dandruff

Beautiful hair from ROOT2TiP!


Is your SCALP Healthy?

Heathy Haircare tips 101: The importance of regular SCALP CARE

A Healthy SCALP = A Healthy Head of HAIR!

ONE OF THE MOST neglected parts of the body is the scalp. We shampoo, condition, and style our tresses constantly but pay little (if any) attention to the skin underneath.

The scalp is the foundation for beautiful hair: It houses over 130,000 deeply rooted follicles, which keep hair strands shiny and healthy by distributing oils and nutrients from root to tip. "Poor diet and harsh shampoos affect the scalp and the overall look and condition of your hair.

Failure to nourish, massage and regularly hydrate your scalp can lead to :

  • Lacklustre hair
  • Slow hair growth
  • Thinning hair
  • Dry hair
  • An Inferior quality of hair
  • Scalp dryness
  • Scalp itching
  • Excessive dandruff
It only takes a couple of minutes each day to oil your scalp and massage it well and by doing so you will eventually enjoy:
Stimulate your scalp to grow long hair!

  • Hair that grows well
  • Healthier hair
  • A cleaner scalp
  • A healthy scalp
  • A scalp that no longer itches
  • No more flakes
  • No more dandruff
  • Thicker hair
  • Less premature hair loss
  • Stimulated hair roots

So what do you use to hydrate and nourish your scalp to ensure your hair remains healthy, dandruff free, and keeps growing strong and long?

Whatever you use its best to keep it natural!

Mother nature Knows best!

Stay away from hair grease!

Hair grease, although it has probably been a constant feature in your home for as far back as you can remember is not beneficial to any hair or scalp.

Hair grease:

  • Is made from petroleum, an ingredient used in gas or petrol!
  • Its not non-comdogenic, meaning it will block the pores of your scalp
  • It can stunt hair growth
  • Its not natural
  • If it was so great why is it that only black people use it?
  • It will not hydrate or nourish your scalp
 When it comes down to haircare, especially when you are using a product that will go directly onto your scalp, its best to keep it as natural as possible!

Introducing a great ALL NATURAL SCALP OIL!


It does exactly what is says on the bottle, it is a 100% natural scalp oil and it will eliminate a dry itchy scalp, stimulate hair growth, over time encourage thicker hair growth and healthy hair.  You will feel the difference after just one use.

BUY NOW At the Special August Summer price: £9.99

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Remember healthy hair begins at the ROOT...

Get it now:  email:  root2tiphair@yahoo.co.uk

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