Setting Hair Goals...

Seasons Greetings Ladies!

Can you believe its almost Christmas already! where did that year go?

Did you achieve all of the goals you set out for yourself at the beginning of the year?

How about changing the health of your hair in 2008 being one of your New Years Resolutions this year...

This post is all about changes and how you can set a goal for your hair that is realistically achievable...

I also invite you to join in the ROOT2TiP...
'Grow your hair up to 6 inches in a year challenge'

You will find the details and rules of this really fun and exciting challenge at the end of this post- The challenge is here ARE YOU UP FOR IT???

All I want for Christmas is....LONG HAIR?

Unlike many things in our lives...our hair is the one of the main things we are able to have complete control of.

Since your hair can give you confidence or take it away, I think its an important tool to be in control of.

Your hair allows you to stand out from the crowd. For example if you are over-weight but you have healthy long hair...you will get more than a second glance, in comparison to a slim lady with shorter unhealthy looking hair.

Hair gives a woman her beauty...whether long or short...however the bible says...'if a woman has long hair its a blessing... I say its time to GET YOUR BLESSING!

I think its easier to grow your hair than it is to lose weight, so lets get growing and you will surprise yourself at what you are able to achieve!

Stretch Yourself:

If we want our hair straight we relax it or blow-dry it, if we want it curly we can use rollers or the tongs to set it- but when was the last time you set out to achieve something completely different with your hair?

You may have had short hair your whole life and maybe its your dream to have long flowing locks...well I am here to say- it is possible and a realistic aim to set for yourself- but you must have will-power and stay FOCUSED on the Prize!

The key to achieving real goals with your hair is to set yourself an objective and be consistent.

For example if you have shoulder length hair set yourself a time frame of 12 months to grow your hair out to near your armpits, and use a hair regime to realise your dream.

If you have always had thin hair that is relaxed and does nothing and your dream is to have a head full of thick hair- then look at what you currently do to your hair and change something about it.

Goal 1) Thin-Thick hair:

Over-relaxing your hair is one of the key contributors to keeping your hair thin and lifeless.

If you religiously relax your hair every 6 weeks at the first sight of any kinks in the hair from re-growth then take note:

Its more than likely you are over-lapping the relaxer when doing your re-touches, if you have 1 inch of new growth, are you certain that your hairdresser or person relaxing your new growth is putting the new relaxer only on the new growth?

If they are not- this is the reason your hair is staying thin.

NB: Once your hair has been relaxed and the hair is processed, you should NEVER overlap the relaxer on already relaxed hair- this is killing the life and body out of your hair quite literally.

Try to stretch out the periods of time between your relaxers and maybe leave the relaxer on for less time, this will allow you to keep some of the body in your natural hair and will make the hair stronger.

See the picture below of Ms X, it took her 12 months to regain the thickness in her thin lifeless hair..she has a haircare regime and used a growth stimulating oil called the ROOT ENERGiZER to kick-start her roots to produce thicker hair and the reslts speak for themselves...

Thin Hair to thick Hair using the ROOT ENERGiZER Oil

Goal 2) Short- to-long hair:

What does long hair mean to you?

Would it mean you feel more feminine, beautiful, or would it just be the start of a dream come true...

I know many women and young girls who wish for long hair- however to many its an unrealistic possibility, as there kind of hair just does not grow- and they have been told this for years...

This is in fact not true, all black hair grows it does not matter how coarse or curly it is.

Many women see a weave as the only way to have long hair, but its not the only option.

I am here to say that again- all hair grows.

In fact our hair grows at least a 1/4 inch per month, so in a year you could have at least 3-6 inches of new growth, but if you never see this, then you are doing something wrong.

The key to longer hair is to keep and retain the inches of growth every month, whether that be 1/4 inch or 1/2 inch every week-just keep it! and you will be pleasantly surprised at the end of the 12 months at your success.


Document your progress by taking pictures every 3 months to see the growth you are getting. We all have to start somewhere...

This will motivate you to continue on your hair journey!

See the example below of how thick afro hair grows... it may have taken 4 years...but at least the hair that blows in the wind is now ALL HER OWN!

Kinky afro hair that has grown long and strong with committment and a good HAIRCARE REGIME...


ROOT2TiP are starting a 'Grow your hair upto 6 inches in a year challenge'

It will begin on the 31st December 2007 until the 31st of December 2008, these are the

Send an e-mail to register at: Root2tiphair@yahoo.co.uk your details should include the following information:

  • Your name- (it doesnt have to be your real name!)
  • E-mail address
  • The current length of your hair: Ear Length, Chin Length, Nape of the neck length, shoulder length, armpit length, bra-strap length etc..
  • Your hair length goal for the next 12 months - between 1 and 6 inches!
  • Take a picture of your hair at its starting length on 31st December 07- this could be one of your resolutions for 2008!

  • Stick to a haircare regime- e.g. moisturise your hair daily,wash your hair at least twice weekly Deep condition weekly etc.

  • Give your hair a chance- wear a weave or maybe have braids or extensions put in- to protect your own locks while they grow...but still moisturise!

  • LIMIT THE HEAT YOU PUT ON YOUR HAIR... i.e. blow-dry only once a month, or allow your hair to air-dry if possible.

  • Take a progress picture every 3 months to motivate yourself

At some point early next year we will ask you to send in your progress pictures so we can all see how well we are doing. Even if you only retain 2 inches and you normally have hair that alway breaks- then that is a great result!

Any questions please e-mail us at: Root2tiphair@yahoo.co.uk

We will encourage each other by knowing that we are not doing it alone.

Please encourage your friends to join in the challenge with you- but they must register their details by sending an e-mail to Root2tiphair@yahoo.co.uk


ROOT2TiP-are launching a discussion forum over the next 6 months all about hair:

It will be called- The 'Grow-it-long Haircare Forum:

  • Who is it for?

It is a forum for women of colour who want to know how to grow their hair long and healthy...

  • What will be discussed?
On the forum web-site you will be able to speak to other women about your hair care issues, goals and share their stories, we will discuss good hair products and haircare regimes...hair HORROR stories there will be plenty of hair challenges and lots more!!

  • Anything else?
Yes...there will also be an area on the forum to talk about issues relating to men...christianity...celebrities and lots more...

  • Why should you join?

You should join the 'GrowItLong Haircare FORUM' to learn how to grow your hair long and strong.

For years we have been told our hair does not grow...so this is the place where you can learn how to prove everybody wrong!

You will also learn tips like the ones on this blog to help you grow your hair, thicken it and keep it healthy. You will also learn of haircare techniques available to you that you may not have even thought of before!

More importantly you will be a member of an on-line community of women all on a HAIR JOURNEY...we will SUPPORT each other and have fun...

Ladies you know when it comes to our hair- we all have a story to tell!

Check out these hair growth inspiration pictures, of real women who have grown their hair with TLC, a Haircare Regime and consistency and perseverance:

Beautiful Afro Hair Growing...

All progress is great to see...

2003 2005 2006

Beautiful Relaxed Hair that has grown Long

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