Tangle Teezer Review...I love it!

My Review of the Tangle TEEZER!

I am a  big fan of finger combing, and generally not really using any kind of tool to comb my hair through at all, well...apart from my shower comb, I tend to really use soft brushes on my hair, however I thought I would check out the raves behind the name...The Tangle Teezer!

I popped into my local BOOTS and picked up the brightest pink one they had, I actually brought it for me daughter’s highly tangly hair and I wasn’t expecting much:  It’s not really a comb more like a brush!


• The teeth are flexible
• The teeth are short
The teeth are the exactly the same as a doll’s brush my daughter has I had   accidentally discovered was good for my hair and been using a couple of months back and loved!
• It’s comfortable to hold!
• You will not get any breakage from the use of this, if you do- your hair maybe is in need of a protein treatment!
• It’s easy to clean
• It massages your scalp gently too!


• None that I can mention
• The price of £10-13.00 I don’t mind, it’s an investment in self!

So I would say go get it ladies, it’s really worth it, it detangles the hair beautifully from ROOT2TiP,

The Tangle Teezer, a curls best friend? That’s debatable, all I know is I LOVE the comb, brush teezer thingy!



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Tresemme Naturals Conditioner review!


If you are looking for a cheapie but naturally inspired conditioner to co-wash with, then I recommend the Tresemme Naturals line:

It seems the big companies are catching onto the fact that less really is more, and we really do not need to have products that are laden down with silicones and cheap fillers for them to be effective!

Great for co-washing!

Not Completely NATURAL!

Ok,  so this conditioner is not 100% Natural but at the price its sold at £5.39 for nearly 1 litre, and I purchased  it the second time around on a 3 for 2 deal at Sainsbury's one day so it was worth it!


  • Its light
  • does not strip my hair, (there are some conditioners that do- trust me!)
  • cleans my scalp of oils
  • provides a good amount of SLIP (ability to make your hair easier to detangle)
  • Light moisture infusion
  • Not too many ingredients!


  • the smell...although not bad not fruity enough for me!

Product facts:

Professional quality, used by professionals

• Silicone-free & light weight

• Affordable

• U.S.D.A. certified organic aloe vera & avocado extracts

• Moisturizes hair, protects against damage & breakage with naturally derived polymers, leaves hair soft , more manageable, looking shinier and feeling 10x stronger after just one use (when used with Tresemm√© Naturals Nourishing Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner versus non-conditioning shampoo).

• Dye-free, hypoallergenic, color-safe, great for all hair types

• Not tested on animals

• Made in U.S.A.


Water (Aqua), Stearyl Alcohol, Cetyl Alcohol, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Stearamidopropyl Dimethylamine, Fragrance (Parfum), Lauroyl Lysine, Caprylyl Glycol, Brassica Campestris/Aleurites Fordi Oil Copolymer, Aspartic Acid, Distearyldimonium Chloride, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil, Citric Acid, Alcohol, Isopropyl Alcohol, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice. USDA Certified Organic Extracts: Aloe Vera, Sweet Orange, and Avocado. 

In Summary!

I have been using this light conditioner for co-washing for a couple of months now and I like it, I also use it to wash the kids hair with and it does a great job, I would not use this for DEEP Conditioning, but you could actually use it as a leave-in too, I have done that for a twist out when my hair was out and it worked great, its actually light enough for me to manipulate through my braided hair under the weave and sometimes I will leave it in for a couple of days!

I have not tried the shampoo, it contains SULPHATES, although a lower amount than usual, I just don't do SULPHATES!

Try it and let me know what you think!

Leave your comments below!


My Protective Style Update!

Hi Ladies...

a couple of months ago, I posted about the protective style challenge I had set myself, well it lasted about a month in the braids, maybe a bit longer.  I decided to switch up the style and a do a long term weave for a couple pf month instead, WHY?  

I think the main reason was styling choices, I love to wear hats and I have a big head, (as my mother always tells me, when you were a baby you couldn't hold your own head up it was so big lol!)  so I find it easier to wear a hat with a weave.  I did the weave myself and I was quite pleased with the results.

Braids: Note the the big MELON HEAD!

These are my 'Healthy Weaving Rules'

these rules are what I follow  whilst doing  the weave and whilst I am in the weave, and I am a long-period weaver!  

I can wear a weave in my hair for up to 5 1/2 months with no breakage!  just growth.  I love the Growth I get from my weave!

WEAVE GROWTH- No Joke...its crazy thick up there!

My Healthy WEAVE RULES and Process:

Disclaimer:  these tips work on my hair, I am not in any way suggesting the same will work for anyone else, please do only what you feel comfortable with.

  • Prepare your hair for the hibernation!  just like a bear who hibernates during the winter months will stock-pile his nuts and berries or is it squirrels?  one of the two anyway lol!  I prepare my hair for the weave hibernation, by doing a protein treatment first.  I want to ensure my hair is strengthened for the weave install.
  • My treatment of choice...since I LOVE all things that emanate from the earth, I will use HENNA!  it works  for me so why break the habit!

HENNA head:  Excuse the glum face!

  • I will then do a deep conditioner, my internal conditioning treatment.  The henna can be drying,so I will  then DC with my Deep conditioner mix.
  • I then let my hair air-dry!  I am not that keen on the blow-dryer.
  • I will braid my hair in no less than 10 braids ' Leroy FAME style'  for the younger readers I mean, straight back.  I had a stylist last year braid my hair in a spiral, and I hated it, it was too much manipulation for my poor strands!
  • I contribute the health of my hair during the weave, or some of it to this braiding method.  
  • As the braids are thick and few, the foundation for my weave is strong.  Breakage occurs when the hair is braided thinly and then its pulled and tugged by an over-zealous stylist who tries to sew the weave hair in for eternity!

My Wonky 'DIY' BRAIDS!

  • I will then sew the ends of my hair together at the back and across my head.  I need to access my scalp when in my weave, this is ESSENTIAL!
  • The weave is then sewn on in a U-shape, starting at the back of my head.

My hair is thick, so I do not braid too tightly, 

  • I do not mind that the braids are not the neatest, the main thing is my scalp is not being tightly pulled and I can access my scalp to oil and massage it nightly!

Thats basically it!


I oil my scalp nightly using my SCALP Hydration Serum and my ROOT Energizer these oil ensure my hair growth is always THICK!

I will Wash and condition my hair weekly, and also do an oils rinse every other day to maintain the moisture in my braided hair.  I use olive oil and it works for me!

Its essential to keep your scalp clean whilst clean and hydrated whilst in the weave, this will give you the best possible chance of growing healthier hair.

Please check-out my selling scalp oil, www.root2tip.com, If you have ever suffered with the syndrome known to black women as ' Head knocking, where by you proceed to hit yourself in the head to relive an itchy spot you can't get to under the weave or wig!  

You will love the the SCALP Hydration Serum, it relieves all  weave, wig or braid associated itchies and grows your hair too!  

Weave Take-down tips!

  1. Take your time and slowly loosen each row of cornrow and apply conditioner to each section and detangle, then twist.
  2. Continue this until all the cornrowed braids are loosened.
  3. Give your hair a wash and then follow-up with a protein treatment, the hair if it has been weaved up as long up as mine, will need strengthening again.
  4. Take your time!
  5. Do not be alarmed by the hair that sheds, this is a natural process, you have not combed your hair from weeks/months so this is normal!
  6. Give your hair a rest, just leave it alone for a week or two.  

Most Important!

The rule is to really rest your hair for the same amount of time that you were weaved up for.  For some people who usually weave back-to-back, failing to do this rest period, may be the reason behind you not seeing thick healthy hair growth  in a weave!

NEVER, NEVER RELAX HAIR FRESH FROM A WEAVE...this is hair HOMICIDE!  especially if your hair is dehydrated.  If you can't wear your hair out, rest it under a wig, hat or scarf, but please let it be!

Please leave me a comment or question!!

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Hairducation: What is Hair??

In order to have power over something you have to be as knowledgeable about it as possible, 

Welcome to this short series on the Basic Science of Black hair...

Part 1)

What is hair?

Hair is primarily made of a special type of protein called “keratin.” Keratin is the same tough, water insoluble material that  animal hooves, horns, finger and toenails are made from.

The cuticle (scales) on outside of our hair.

Each hair on your head grows from a hair follicle, a tiny, sack-like hole in your skin.   

At the bottom of each follicle is a cluster of special cells that reproduce to make new hair cells. The new cells that are produced are added on at the root of the hair, causing the hair to grow longer. 

The strands of our hair are constructed  with three layers: 

This is the inside of a human hair!

1) The Cuticle:

 An outer covering of  protective overlapping keratin scales  (think of the scales on a fish!)  

2)  The Cortex:

A middle layer of keratinised protein fibers , ( imagine putting a pencil inside  of a drinking straw, the cortex would be the straw!) 

3)  The Medulla

A central 'core' of round cells within the cortex (imagine filling a drinking straw with tiny beads, the medulla would be the beads, if present in your hair)

A medulla is almost always found in coarse hair, and often is absent from naturally blonde hair and very fine hair.

The living tissue that makes your hair grow is hidden inside the hair follicle. 
The shaft, the part of a hair that you see, is made of cells that aren't living anymore. 

This should be remembered when you are colouring your hair or thinking of perming it!

Hair and skin:

The main difference between hair and skin is, If you cut yourself, your skin can and will heal, since it's  a living tissue.  

If you damage your hair, it can't heal.   As the hair itself is dead!  (only the roots and follicle beneath the scalp are alive)  Healing damaged hair is difficult, tis often better to cut the damaged hair away and wait for it to re-grow again!

Quick hair facts:  

  • The average full head of hair has between 120-000 and 150,000 strands of hair growing form the scalp!
  • Hair grows on average between 1/4 and 1/2  an inch per month- 
  • You can grow in 1 year 6 inches of hair!
  • Hair growth can be stimulated by increasing the blood circulating on the scalp.
  • The Scalp Hydration Serum on www.root2tip.com and the ROOT Energizer, also on www.root2tip.com, are great ways to stimulate healthy hair growth!
  • African hair is the weakest hair of all the races
  • African hair has a higher density than all the other races
  • African hair can grow to a longer length than you imagined if it is nurtured and treated like silk!

Long Afro hair!!

5 year old girl with waist-length Afro hair!

Healthy Hair  TIP!

The most significant component of your hair is the keratin it's made from.  If your hair is breaking or feels weak, top up the protein in your hair by consuming a diet, high in Protein and invest in at least monthly protein treatments, especially if your hair is chemically processed.

Remember, Protein gives your hair muscle!


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