Tangle Teezer Review...I love it!

My Review of the Tangle TEEZER!

I am a  big fan of finger combing, and generally not really using any kind of tool to comb my hair through at all, well...apart from my shower comb, I tend to really use soft brushes on my hair, however I thought I would check out the raves behind the name...The Tangle Teezer!

I popped into my local BOOTS and picked up the brightest pink one they had, I actually brought it for me daughter’s highly tangly hair and I wasn’t expecting much:  It’s not really a comb more like a brush!


• The teeth are flexible
• The teeth are short
The teeth are the exactly the same as a doll’s brush my daughter has I had   accidentally discovered was good for my hair and been using a couple of months back and loved!
• It’s comfortable to hold!
• You will not get any breakage from the use of this, if you do- your hair maybe is in need of a protein treatment!
• It’s easy to clean
• It massages your scalp gently too!


• None that I can mention
• The price of £10-13.00 I don’t mind, it’s an investment in self!

So I would say go get it ladies, it’s really worth it, it detangles the hair beautifully from ROOT2TiP,

The Tangle Teezer, a curls best friend? That’s debatable, all I know is I LOVE the comb, brush teezer thingy!



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Anonymous said...

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Angel said...

Really??? I wasn't sure...I have boxes of them for the event here and I am yet to try one on my own hair...hmmm now I might open on..

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