Hairducation: What is Hair??

In order to have power over something you have to be as knowledgeable about it as possible, 

Welcome to this short series on the Basic Science of Black hair...

Part 1)

What is hair?

Hair is primarily made of a special type of protein called “keratin.” Keratin is the same tough, water insoluble material that  animal hooves, horns, finger and toenails are made from.

The cuticle (scales) on outside of our hair.

Each hair on your head grows from a hair follicle, a tiny, sack-like hole in your skin.   

At the bottom of each follicle is a cluster of special cells that reproduce to make new hair cells. The new cells that are produced are added on at the root of the hair, causing the hair to grow longer. 

The strands of our hair are constructed  with three layers: 

This is the inside of a human hair!

1) The Cuticle:

 An outer covering of  protective overlapping keratin scales  (think of the scales on a fish!)  

2)  The Cortex:

A middle layer of keratinised protein fibers , ( imagine putting a pencil inside  of a drinking straw, the cortex would be the straw!) 

3)  The Medulla

A central 'core' of round cells within the cortex (imagine filling a drinking straw with tiny beads, the medulla would be the beads, if present in your hair)

A medulla is almost always found in coarse hair, and often is absent from naturally blonde hair and very fine hair.

The living tissue that makes your hair grow is hidden inside the hair follicle. 
The shaft, the part of a hair that you see, is made of cells that aren't living anymore. 

This should be remembered when you are colouring your hair or thinking of perming it!

Hair and skin:

The main difference between hair and skin is, If you cut yourself, your skin can and will heal, since it's  a living tissue.  

If you damage your hair, it can't heal.   As the hair itself is dead!  (only the roots and follicle beneath the scalp are alive)  Healing damaged hair is difficult, tis often better to cut the damaged hair away and wait for it to re-grow again!

Quick hair facts:  

  • The average full head of hair has between 120-000 and 150,000 strands of hair growing form the scalp!
  • Hair grows on average between 1/4 and 1/2  an inch per month- 
  • You can grow in 1 year 6 inches of hair!
  • Hair growth can be stimulated by increasing the blood circulating on the scalp.
  • The Scalp Hydration Serum on www.root2tip.com and the ROOT Energizer, also on www.root2tip.com, are great ways to stimulate healthy hair growth!
  • African hair is the weakest hair of all the races
  • African hair has a higher density than all the other races
  • African hair can grow to a longer length than you imagined if it is nurtured and treated like silk!

Long Afro hair!!

5 year old girl with waist-length Afro hair!

Healthy Hair  TIP!

The most significant component of your hair is the keratin it's made from.  If your hair is breaking or feels weak, top up the protein in your hair by consuming a diet, high in Protein and invest in at least monthly protein treatments, especially if your hair is chemically processed.

Remember, Protein gives your hair muscle!


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