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Hair Growth Cycle...

Have you ever wondered why in the summer time your hair may grow faster, or at some time during the year you experience some kind of GROWTH SPURT?

Read on for some quick scientific facts about how our hair grows!

The Hair growth Cycle!

Hair Growth in 3 Phases!

There are 3 phases to the way our hair grows:

The Anagen phase ( this is where the hair growth takes place!) it can last between 2 and 6 years!

The Catagen Phase ( this is where the hair transitions and you can shed hair)

The Telogen Stage ( this is where the hair rests and no growth takes place)

So how do we grow really long hair?

It has been said that a persons' 'Anagen phase' is genetic, so the length of time you can grow long hair or that period of which the hair is 'Actively' growing' is determined by genes.  Is this true?  I would say that is debatable.

Long afro hair, shrinkage on the left, stretched on the right!
In truth, 88% of the time all of us are in the Anagen-active' phase of hair growth, but are we seeing that hair growth?  Most of us are maybe only seeing 30-40% of hair growth at any one time, this is down to our styling methods, chemicals in our hair products and bad hair practices that stunt our hair growth and lead to breakage.

Maximise your Anagen phase in 3 simple ways!

Read on...

1)     Keep your scalp healthy.  Keep it cleansed, moisturised and stimulated.

how?  conditions like dandruff, flakes and an itchy scalp to not aid the hairgrowth cycle.  By regularly washing your scalp, oiling it with a natural stimulating scalp oil, I love the scalp hydration serum @ www.Root2tip.com, and by massaging your scalp deeply, you will be sure to maximise your Anangen-active phase of hair growth.

2)    Retain your ends! - 

The ends of your hair are the oldest, by holding onto them and keeping them healthy you will see hair GROWTH!

 Keep your hair moisturised daily and pay attention to the TIPS!  breaking tips will lead to no real hair length, that is noticeable.

3)  Maintain a healthy diet high in protein!

Hair is primarily a strand of protein, so to keep the strands you grow, nourished and healthy from the inside, be sure to eat a diet that includes protein sources: Pumpkins seeds, fish, Tofu, chicken, Soya, beans, pulses to name a few!

So how will you Maximise your hairgrowth cycle this YEAR?

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Anonymous said...

Merci d'avoir un blog interessant

Tony said...

Due to unhealthy food and dirty water the problem of hair thinning has been increased in a short span in the younger people too having the ages from twenty to twenty five which also arises as a source of embarrassment in such young people who got this problem.

Wendy said...

Thanks for the hair blog. I will be reading it regularly. My hair broke off after a dry New York winter. Not a lot of breakage, but it set me back a few inches. Stress was also probably a factor. So this summer I will be getting more rest, and more water.

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