Do you need HELP with your child's hair??


An Event not to be Missed!  

Mums and daughters you are invited to attend...

The great HAIR CARE workshop for mothers and young daughters, taking place on Black History Month, 29th October, from 12-4pm...

Register for HAiRDUCATiON....I Love My Hair,  a hair care workshop for Mothers and young daughters. in London, United Kingdom  on Eventbrite

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You will learn how to :

Wash your child's hair the stress-free way!

Style your child's hair, creating fun, simple styles that will last for 2 weeks at a time!!

Play Fun games!

Learn a bit about the SCIENCE of our hair!!

Enable your child to LOVE thier hair!

please contact Sal, for more information:  info@root2tip.com


Henna - How to?

I love Henna,

as it affords me stronger thicker hair, check-out my video for my mix!!

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Hair Confidence

Hair Confidence
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