Taking Care Of Your Natural Hair- When You Wear a Weave, Wig or Extensions (braids)

Ignorance is bliss!!

As the saying goes...what you don't know won't hurt you! this does not apply to the health of your hair when you are wearing a weave/wig or have extentions put in.

If you have worn a weave in the past for upto 6 weeks or more and the day comes to take it out of your head and you lose more of your natural hair than you just had sewn in! then something is wrong.
Hair SOS:

This is a brief guide to maintaining your real hair when it is under a weave/ wig or extensions, there is no point in saying- 'I never knew' when your hair is shedding and due to excessive dryness and neglect! Take control of your hairs' health- while you can, it is a part of who you are so make it a priority...beautiful hair can be yours!

Weave/Wig wearers ATTENTION PLEASE!!

Weaves are great as long as your own hair is healthy too!

Changing Times...

Over the past 10 years we have seen black women wearing weaves as common as having red buses up the West End! Weaves have become an essential part of many womens lives, as they allow you to have the hair you want, especially if your own hair is damaged or not as you would like it to be.

However being a weave stylist myself, I constantly come across women who fail to maintain their own hair whilst the weave is in. This means they never moisturise their hair, oil their scalps let alone wash and condition the hair with the weave in!!

Below is an outline of a basic regime to follow when your hair is in either extensions (braids) a weave or you wear a wig:

A Sample haircare regime(routine):

Try to follow this programme...and watch how your hair improves over time...

It is important to wash your hair at least once a week whilst wearing a weave as the scalp will sweat under the hair which can create bacteria on your scalp. It is not difficult, just use a diluted cup of shampoo or add it to a spray bottle and directly spray your scalp with the solution. (TOP TIP: Only shampoo your scalp- not hair- to prevent dryness) Gently massage and rinse thoroughly. Rinse through the weave hair as well it will refresh it, be careful not to tangle it, the water should be warm-not hot, and de-tangle the weave prior to washing- THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!


Follow up the shampoo with a conditioner diluted as above and added to a spray bottle- this time direct the solution on the braided hair- your braided hair, to replenish lost moisture. Leave the conditioner on for at least 20 minues and cover your head with plastic cap, then rinse gently. Do this at least once a week. (TOP TIP: leave your conditioner on overnight- for a real moisturising treatment)

Le Kair Cholestoral is a great inexpensive Moisturising and Strengthening Conditioner to use in your hair.

Drying the hair:

Allow your hair to dry naturally or if you have a hooded dryer use this, be gentle with your hair, and use your fingers to detangle the weave(if necessary) before combing through..

Moisturising your hair:

Your hair will need to be moisturised even more so whilst wearing extensions or a weave. The addition of synthetic or real hair to your own hair, robs it of its natural oils.

Its easier to moisturise your hair with a watery solution as it will penetrate through the cornrowed hair deep into your strands. I would recommend using something like- African Pride Braid Sheen Spray.

It is a light solution and it can also be used on the scalp to prevent itching. I have yet to find the perfect moisturiser! (TOP TIP: Add some Olive Oil to the braid sheen spray-if your hair is extra dry)

Itchy Scalps and Weaves:

Women often complain that their head itches whilst in a weave...how many times have you witnessed someone almost knocking themselves out as they slap their heads to itch that spot!! The itchies can be prevented by moisturising the scalp and hair daily or at least 3 times a week. Oil your scalp lightly with a natural oil- not GREASE! or use the spray below!

A good hair and scalp moisturiser to use whilst wearing a Weave/Wig or extensions (braids)

It stops the itchies!!

Extensions (braids)Wearers

You can follow the same regime if your hair is in exstensions (braids) or you wear a wig, just adapt the technique according to your style. The principles remain the same.

Extensions are great- but look after your hair too!!

Your Hair Needs TLC:

The key thing is to look after your own hair and your hair will thrive underneath a weave, do not follow a routine and eventually your hair will suffer.

Next Post: What are good hair products? Have you updated the hair products you use in the last 1-5 years?

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