The Importance of a Haircare Regime...

Consistency is the 'KEY' to healthy hair...

Black hair needs constant attention to maintain its vitality, strength and retain length. Adopting a consistent pattern of maintenance is one of the best things you will ever do for your hair.
What is a REGIME?
A haircare regime is a consistent routine of things you do with your hair on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. (The word regime is used by American ladies- it means routine)

Hair being one of the most important features on our heads, needs 'TLC' to thrive and live up to its potential. Hair of Afro descent, is simply not wash and go!
If you feel like your hair is just sitting on top of your head in a relaxed heap, or you wear a weave, wig or extensions most of the time to hide it- as its breaking and thin or maybe not growing? Then you should consider creating a hair care regime for yourself to nurse your hair back to health. You can even make a note of it in a diary or calendar to remind yourself.

What is the point?

This probably seems like a strange thing to do but it really does make sense. Having a regular maintenance programme for your hair makes a real difference to the quality and health of your hair- whether you are natural or relaxed.

I adopted a haircare regime for myself a couple of years ago after stumbling across an American web-site dedicating to teaching women with 'hard to grow Afro textured hair' the best ways to grow their natural Afro hair long and strong.

I read testimonials and saw pictures of women who had managed to grow their hair down their backs by adopting strict haircare regimes to follow daily. Trust me it really does work!

From doing my own research into black hair I have discovered that our hair is very unique-in that it is the weakest hair type out of all the races- this has been scientifically tested!

Chinese women are said to have the strongest hair type as it grows straight with thick strands, whereas afro hair due to its curly pattern is the weakest, no matter how coarse it may look, it really is very fragile.

For this reason adopting a haircare regime for your own hair, is what you need to give your hair a fighting chance of survival in the daily war it wages with everyday styling and wear and tear.

Hair GROWING LONG n STRONG...with a haircare regime!

Limit the amount of heat you put on your hair!

I want a regime for my hair- where do I start?

Firstly, it is not difficult to begin at all- the key is to keep it simple and be consistent and committed, in return... your hair will show you great results!

To be healthy hair needs a combination of the following essential things:


  • A mild Moisturising Shampoo
  • A good Moisturising Conditioner
  • A good Protein conditioner for treatments
  • A good Daily Moisturiser/leave-in conditioner
  • Oil /Grease for sealing in the moisturiser-
  • GROWTH STIMULATING Oil- for Stimulating and massaging the scalp
    and Water

Let me break it down!:

Water is essential to black hair, as it is moisture. The myth that washing your hair too often dries it out is wrong!...black hair is inherently dry all the time, so any chance it has to get wet- go for it!

Its more likely to be a harsh shampoo that is drying out your hair. Unlike gremlins we will not multiply if water touches us!!

H20- your hair needs it!

A Leave-in Conditioner or Hair Moisturiser...

is one of the most significant products your hair will ever need. Hair of Afro descent gets very dry, even more so when it is chemically relaxed. We need to apply moisture directly to the hair everyday. Daily moisturising is what will make the difference between your hair growing and retaining the length or growing and constantly breaking off at the ends. You can seal in the moisture with a final layer of hair oil or a light hair grease, pay close attention to the ends.

A Healthy Oil or A Light Grease- (never on the scalp)...

is very essential for black hair as our hair is curly by definition so the natural oils in the scalp do not travel down our hair strands the way in which it does for a person with naturally straight hair. Oil can be used to moisturise the scalp and also seal in moisture(as above) to the hair. A stimulating scalp oil not GREASE helps to promote hair growth, if your hair grows slowly or not noticeably to you at all, then a stimulating scalp oil that works on the hair roots, can help to improve slow hair growth and thinning hair in some cases.

A Mild Shampoo...

is one of the greatest gifts you can give your hair. A harsh shampoo will only strip the natural oils from the hair, making it even drier, and prone to breakage-which is never good.

If your hair feels stripped after washing normally, then your shampoo is too harsh. Your hair should feel a little slippy after washing not stripped bare!

A good Moisturising Conditioner...

should also be your hairs best friend, this will coat your hair after washing and depending on the ingredients can make your hair appear shinier and smoother.

A good Protein Shampoo...

is what every head of hair needs to survive!! Protein is what naturally gives our hair strength, as its naturally already present within your hair strands. If your hair is breaking- it may be in need of regular protein treatments, at least fortnightly or monthly depending on the level of breakage. If your hair is not breaking then a good protein treatment monthly is fine. Protein is like a tonic to a weak body!

I could suggest lots of different products to use but it depends on your hairs current condition as one thing does not fit all!

However a good mild shampoo to use is 'Creme of Nature's Detangling Shampoo' it does not contain the ingredient Sodium Lauryl Sulphate or SLS, which is often found in most shampoos. The SLS is very harsh for black hair and should be avoided at all costs.

A mild shampoo without the harmful SLS ingredient!

A GROWTH Stimulating Oil:

A growth stimulating oil like the ROOT ENERGiZER and the GROW-it LONG Serum both designed to really boost the natural hair growing process your hair goes through. If your hair is in braids or a weave both can be used very effectively.

They stimulate growth by using essential oils like ROSEMARY well documented for growing hair and Sulfur a mineral already in our bodies also well known for growing and SPEEDING up the rate of your hair growth.

A powerful Growth Tonic for Your scalp and thinning hair-line

Once you have established the products that your hair likes- one to match each of the essentials listed above you can set yourself a simple regime, similar to whats explained below:

For example if you have normal/dry hair with no breakage, try this:


1) Wash your hair at least 1-2 times a week-
I know it sounds crazy but out hair type loves water, you do not have to use shampoo but instead conditioner to wash with it adds moisture to your hair and the scalp thrives on being clean- that's when you hair grows best!
2) Apply conditioner after washing 2-3 times a week -
Your hair will love it- try to use a heated cap or hairdryer for at least 20 minutes to allow the conditioner to rewlly penetrate.

3) Moisturise your hair with a leave-in conditioner or creamy moisturiser- daily... next apply a coat of oil/light hair grease-
Extra Virgin Olive Oil is good) after the moisturiser, this will seal in the moisture as it provides a barrier...essential to having healthy hair and growing it long- pay special attention to the ends!
4) Apply a scalp stimulating GROWTH oil I stress again...NOT GREASE! to your hair 3 times a week... and massage your scalp for 5-7 minutes-

massaging with the oil and their specially formulated GROWING HAIR INGREDIENTS means both the ROOT ENERGiZER and the GROW-it-LONG serum- both promote a healthy scalp and great hair growth.

5) Apply a protein treatment to your hair every fortnight...
this will strengthen the hair from within.

Try this regime for yourself and see the health of your hair improve, it should be shinier, less dry and in a better condition to grow longer as it will be well nourished.

Hair is like a car...it needs maintenance and a good MOT to keep it in good working order - be consistent.

Next Post: How to look after your real hair whilst wearing extensions, a weave or a wig...

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