Protective Style your way to LONG hair this YEAR!

Hi Ladies,

I have been very busy over the past 12 months with my fam, business and just life in itself on the hamster wheel, do you ever get the feeling you are just running and running, not even stopping for water!  thats me alot of the time.

Anyhow, I vow that in 2011, I will update my blog alot more regularly, and let you guys know what I am doing with my hair!  and if what I do to my hair, helps you with your hair then I am doing my job!

God is Great so if he is willing, I will do my best!

I want to start with a 2010 round up of what I did to my hair last year.

The hairstory so far!!

I have been transitioning from a tex-lax I did a couple of years back that allowed me to grow my hair down to near enough waist length but , I was not to pleased with the tex-lax texture...it was great at ending the single strand knots, but I just didn't like the texture I had, so I grew it out.

My tex-laxed hair!- I did not like the frizzy texture!

I was not going to big chop, so I just wore protective styles over the next 2 years and chopped the ends each time I had significant growth.  My hair grows quite predictably, so I probably get around 1/2 inch a month of growth, this is maximised by my fantastic hair oils I make and now sell!  www.root2tip.com check them out ladies!

So what is a protective style?

A protective style is a style that allows your hair to grow and rest but at the same time it 'protects your strand' from the daily wear and tear your hair usually goes through.

Protective styles include:
  • Braids- with exstensions are best! 
  • Weaves, (on braided hair that is not too toghtly cornrowed)
  • Wigs ( I tried this for a while but my hair is thick and since I don't have time to cornrow it that often I don't    usually last that long in this form of protective!! 
  • Twists- natural hair or with exstensions ( I prefer exstensions my hair is less likely to tangle this way)

Halfway through my braids! My head is big it takes a while!!

How long do you wear the PROTECTIVE STYLE for?

I usually wear my protective style for maybe between 3-5 months at at time!!  Wow - thats long I have heard many a lady say, doesn't your hair mat?  break, get dry? 

The quick answer to such questions is; yes, no and yes.   It will matt to some degree at the root where it's growing out, my last weave gave me 3 inches of hair growth so there was a little matting, but nothing a gentle touch and a ton of olive oil couldn't loosen!

No, I do not get any breakage, I treat my hair the same whether it's in a protective style or out. the same answer in respect of dryness, my hair drinks water, I have to wash my scalp every other day!

(DISCLAIMER!  I would not reccomend anyone else do the same, but it works for me due to the way I mange my hair whilst in the protective!)

Why do you keep it in a protective style for so long??

I am very committed to the kind of hair that I want, and I have always loved having longer hair, (however I now appreciate ' long hair is in the eye of the beholder, what's long hair to you, may not be long hair to me!)

Long hair to me is full waist length hair, is this an impossible dream to attain- No, especially if you are committed to your goals!

I also like the 'Kinder' surprise effect, in relation to the amount of hair growth I can achieve by just leaving my hair to 'GROW OUT' like a weed in the garden that is my scalp.  

I maximise my GROWTH using two oils, I use the SCALP Hydration Serum, 3-4 times a week and I use the ROOT Energizer 1 x a week.  I have been using this combo of oil for nearly 4 years now and my hair has never been healthier! 

My 2010 weave hair growth, 3 inches of hair in 5 months!

Feed your scalp to MAXIMISE hair GROWTH!!

Its so important to Nourish the roots of your scalp to ensure your roots continue to produce healthy hair.  My scalp loves to drink oils, if I don't oil and massage her for a day or so, she starts talking to me...feed me...feed me!!  its no joke!  my scalp loves to be HYDRATED!!  and why shouldn't she, the hair might be dead,  but the roots are most definitely alive!!

A Dry scalp = Slow to no hair growth!

Too many women I meet around the country whilst doing promotional launch days for my products, when I ask them...' what do you nourish your scalp with?  say ' Nothing or a bit of grease', the next question I ask is ' how often do you grease your scalp?  they then say...after a pause or two, 'not very often, so when I link their thinning hair or scalp problem to this very reason, (failure to nourish the hair roots).

I then go through the analogy God has blessed me with...a gardner will always pay attention to the roots of his crops to get them to grow healthy, he will ensure the roots are nourished and hydrated to maintain growth, this is when the penny drops!  So ladies we are all in the same boat.  

Women you do not have to acept a dry, flaky, itchy scalp, thinning hair or breaking hair!

My solution is quite simple!  Oil your scalp, massage it, keep her clean and she will produce the crops of hair you have always wanted!!

My hair after being in a weave for 5 months!  No Breakage! I trimmed a couple of inches.

If you look at any picture of my hair from now till 4 years back, the common thread you will notice since I have been using the SCALP Hydration Serum and the ROOT Energizer, is the THICKNESS of my ROOTS.  I treat my scalp like a field and cultivate my roots, to produce the crops of hair I want and desire!!

Winter Protective style almost completed- damn my Melon sized head!!

Cultivate YOUR own HAIR CROPS this YEAR!!

So ladies, tell me how will you be ensuring your hair is the way in which you desire it to be??  Its no good wanting something without working for it!!  God says 'if you ask it will be done'.  I am in LOVE with GOD!!  he always blesses my heart with its desires and I try to carry out his work! (but I do put the work in trust me!!)

I love helping women to get ' Healthier hair' and I am on a mission to get us all to love OUR real hair again, that is my passion, my product line will give you the hair you desire if you are consistent, show your hair RESPECT! and TLC! 

I will not stop until the ROOT2TiP Hairvolution, is in full swing!!

Healthy hair is there for the taking...how much do you REALLY want it??

My SCALP's Guilty Pleasure...she gets drunk on these two oils lol!!


Scalp oils 100% Natural & shipped internationally


Anonymous said...

Awesome post. Do you mind if I ask what your source is for this information?

Realhair said...

The source of information is my own hair journey and experience in caring for my hair.

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