The triple threat...Moisture, Moisture and Moisture

Why our Hair needs Daily Moisture to Thrive and Grow...

As the nights get colder and that brisk wind nips throught the air it is even more important now that we top up the moisture levels in our natural hair. Without continuous moisture in our delicate strands- your hair is subject to frost-bite! and even worse severe breakages.

Naturally dry:

Black hair as it is born through the pores in our scalp is naturally dry. The reason being in short- is unlike European hair which grows straight our hair has a kink or wave to it- this kink or wave is not able to carry the natural oils that are produced on our scalps down the hair strand in the same way it is able to do so on naturally straight European hair types.

Hair that is relaxed and coloured is even drier- than natural hair without moisture it can look and feel like straw!

Dry hair = Breakage

In order for our hair to survive, we need to add moisture to it externally and our bodies internally on a regular basis. Without it our hair will become very dry, weak and eventually break off at the ends, the middle or even the root. NB: Relaxed and couloured hair is even more dry than natural afro hair- even more reason to moisturise consistently.

The Best Moisturisers are...

In short there is no definitive answer to this question, in fact I am still in search of the Perfect moisturiser for my own hair!

However there are things you can use and do that will add moisture to your hair.

Moisturising conditioners

S-curl hairspray (in the white bottle)

African pride Braid sheen spray

Castor oil

Olive oil

Glycerine - (humectant)

Hair lotions with ingredients like shea butter etc...

Conditioner Washes- ''co-wash'

This product adds great moisture to your hair and also makes it shinier over time- Not just for Jheri-curls!!

Go One step Further:

Often I find that the products I buy are not good enough simply on their own- by that I mean sometimes your products need a bit of a boost.

The moisturiser I apply to my own hair is a combination of different products with the addition of moisturising oils and humectants like glycerine.

Humectants are a substance that draw moisture from the air into your hair. They do work better in warmer temperatures but even in cold England they will benefit your hair.

Glycerine is another great humectant. Try adding some glycerine or an even bigger favourite of mine Castor oil, to your normal moisturiser and watch as your hair over time becomes more shiny and healthy.

TOPTiP: Add some olive oil to your regular or deep conditioner for extra shine and moisture, apply to your hair and cover with a plastic cap- even better sit under a hair dryer to allow it to penetrate further.

With the correct moisture maintenance hair that is relaxed and coloured will have shine and look and feel healthy...

Water + Conditioner = Your Hair's Best friend...

An easy way to add moisture to your hair daily is by washing your hair with conditioner only- I mean by not using shampoo and only using conditioner- to wash your hair with.

Shampoos have a tendency to strip our hair of its natural oils, so by doing a 'co-wash' or conditioner wash, instead of stripping away the hair's natural oils instead you add moisture to your strands.

I co-wash my hair at least 4 times a week this has helped me to keep my hair soft and well moisturised especially when wearing braids...TRY IT!!

TOPTiP: To lock moisture into your hair apply your moisturiser whilst your hair is wet and then apply Oil over it to seal the moisture in.

Strictly Silk Sheets!!

One of the greatest moisture thiefs your hair will often become victim to is your cotton pillow cases or sheets. Unless your a princess and only sleep on the finest silk or satin when you rest your head at night- then TAKE NOTE!

Your hair will suffer less breakage and retain more moisture when it is allowed to glide across a satin or silk surface, this means that you should invest in a silk or satin pillow case or even cheaper a silk or satin head scarf or bonnet.

They sell many different types in your local haircare shop- so save your strands and keep the moisture in your hair and not on your pillow case by investing in satin.

Pamper your hair with a satin or silk scarf or bonnet...Your worth it!!

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