Summer Hair Growth Challenge: June 30th-December 30th

Make Hair Her-story (History) with me!

Challenge Lovers- Listen up!

I don't know about you- but I love a challenge, so this year I am inviting you to join in my hair growth challenge.

I am trying to recruit 100 women to grow their hair with me this summer- this challenge is not for the light-hearted trust me!!


1) Join my social network: http://www.grow-it-long.ning.com/ and join the group:

'Summer hair growth- (via hiding your hair) Chalengees'

2) Pick a protective style to use to help you grow your hair for the next 6 months.

3) Take a picture of your hair as it is now- post it to the group page on the http://www.grow-it-long.ning.com/

4) Follow a strict haircare regime: eg:

My protective style for maximum growth is braids:

The regime I will follow is...

  • I will be Co-washing (conditioner washing) my hair every other day

  • Oiling my scalp with my GROW-It-Long Serum growth oil at least 3 times a week

  • Moisturising my hair with my leave-in conditioner and oil mixture every other day
  • Re-doing my protective style after 3 months and 3 weeks
  • Using no direct heat in my hair
  • Sleeping with a plastic cap on my head to keep my hair moist and maximise my growth
  • Taking my supplements: Multi-vitamins, MSM, Iron, Chlorella.
  • Drinking at least a 1.5l of water a day
  • Eating plenty of protein rich foods- fish, beans, lentils, soya etc

Sign up at www.Grow-it-long.ning.com by June 29th midnight.

To help you out check out this:

Protective styles include:

Full head weaves




Instant weaves

Why not try to do your own ' protective style'

Its not as hard as you might think!

or just do some braids:

DIY Braid extension tutorial:

Growth acchieved with braid exstensions left in for 3 months!

You will be pleasantly surprised at what you growth and thickness can be accieved by leaving your hair alone to grow for a few months!

Maximise your growth like I do with this great hair oil:

Enlighten Yourself In Gods Word

Hair Confidence

Hair Confidence
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