Get rid of your split-ends now!

Realising when its time to TRIM!

Split ends! a girls worst enemy?

Split ends are the curse of every woman!! Split ends happen when the protective cuticle has been stripped away from the ends of hair. The hair splits into two or three strands at the end of the hair forming a Y-shape.
If not treated they will travel up the hair shaft! The split may be two or three centimeters in length.
Split ends are more often in long hair but can also be found in shorter hair. You cannot repair them; nothing will fix split ends once they are formed.

The truth is split ends are never a cute look!!

Trim away that end you really do not need it!

Have you ever noticed someone who has a decent length of hair or even a short hair-cut but the ends of the hair look dry, split and generally just frazzled?

If so and maybe that person is you- you should get a good trim.

If the bulk of your hair is in good condition then a good trim is all you need, but be sure to go to a good hairdresser- not one who is scissor happy!

I have heard many a horror story where by you enter the hairdresser's for a trim and walk out with a cut- I mean whats that all about, especially if you have very long hair- be careful who you entrust with scissors near your tresses!


I personally trim my own hair. I have little faith in stylists so I entrust the scissorsd to my hands only.

IMPORTANT: Invest in quality hair cuting scissors- paper scissors are not sharp enough to properly trim your hair with!

Buy some quality hair-trimming scissors


The easiest way to trim your hair especially if you are trying to grow it out long, is the search and destroy method.

How is it done?

I part my hair in 4 sections, and taking one section at a time I go through the hair and search for split ends to destroy! It takes a while, but it saves my length and eliminates splits at the same time.

I do not mind my hair being slightly uneven if it means I acchieve my hair goal.

What causes split ends?

The following things will create split-ends in your hair

Excessive hair coloring
• Vigorous brushing

• Over-processing your hair
• Hair Straightening - over-use of flat irons/tongs
• Blow-drying
• Not trimming your hair regularly
• Sleeping with your hair in a ponytail
• Too much sun
• Poor health

Avoid products that claim to "heal" split ends. They will only temporarily glue split ends together, and will cause more damage further down the road.

I know many black ladies who are scared to cut there hair- even when it looks like a frazzled birds nest at the ends- but its an empowering thing when you do and it really makes your hair look healthier and thicker if fine hair is your problem.

How to prevent the dreaded split ends!

You can prevent split ends by keeping your hair hydrated and healthy but also:

• Don't brush your hair too often or too extensively.
• Don't brush wet hair.
• Use brushes and combs with smooth, flexible, wide-spaced teeth.
• Avoid nylon bristles.
• Condition after shampooing, and use a deep conditioner once a month.
• Apply conditioner only on the tips after you dry your hair.
• Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun and wind.
• When in the sun wear a hat to minimize sun damage.
• Use a mild shampoo rich in ceramides.


Pretty Curls said...

Girl your hair has grown so much..i just looked at your fotki and i am so amazed...Keep up the good work

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Split said...

Its always better to protect your hairs from sun and other harmful cosmetics. Conditioning your hairs is always the best :)

Nice article.

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