My Henna Tutorial:

Strengthen Your Hair Naturally:

Henna is I believe one of natures best PROTEIN Treatments!

  • If you have thin hair
  • Hair that is breaking
  • Hair that feels weak

Henna promises to:

  • Strengthen your hair
  • Stop Breakage
  • Make your hair feel thicker
  • Give you natural highlights based on your own hair colour

When the mix is prepared right you will be seriously addicted to the effects this great powder made up of ground up leaves and herbs has on your hair, relaxed or natural.

My Henna Mix

So what is Henna?

Henna is an all natural dye made from the leaves of the lawsonia henna plant. It has been used since ancient times to color skin (the art of mendi), fiber, and hair. The type of soil in which it is grown affects the intensity and shade of the color, but Henna yields just one type of color: red.

Henna's red color comes from a molecular protein. When Henna is used to color hair, the person is actually bonding a protein coating to their hair, which explains why Henna is the most permanent of dyes.

The red tint on my hair left by the henna!

Protein gives your hair 'MUSCLE!

Protein bonds inside your hair!
Our hair is made up of an ingredient called Keratin, which is a form of protein, the same fibre your nails are made up from.

Protein treatments are used to help “repair” damaged hair by filling in the hair shaft and giving it added strength and therefore longevity.

I prefer natural alternatives to chemicals, so Henna is a great protein treatment for my hair, it instantly makes my hair feel stronger and healthier.

Henna in my hair


Protein Overload :(

Protein in hair treatments can lead to the hair feeling stiff and hard when overused, but the hair DOES need protein, especially when damaged.

I usually henna my hair every 8-12 weeks, however depending on your hair type it can be used as frequently as once a month.

Many women who use high-protein hair treatments report that some of the products made their hair feel “dry” or “hard”. This can sometimes be associated with breakage because the hair is more rigid. This is often due to the fact that the women often misuse the products in question. They think that they need a product when they don’t or the product isn’t suited for their hair type.

Do not use too much protein, if your hair is healthy a protein treatment every couple of months is ideal, but it really depends on the health of your hair.

Quick HOW-to? Henna Tips:

1) Buy Body quality Art Henna - this is very important!

2) Mix  1 PACKET with, 1 part coconut milk, any cheapie conditioner you like, Boiled water

3) Ensure the mixture is loose enough for you to apply to your hair as a thick paste

4) Let the mix rest overnight if you want a real colour change or for a couple of hours if you have no time.

5) Spread newspaper on the bathroom floor and wear latex gloves, throw on an old t-shirt and section your hair.

Wear Gloves always unless you want to keep explaining why your hands are ORANGE!!
6) Apply the henna to your hair from root to tip, smooth into the hair gently ensuring all strands are covered.

7) Once completely covered  wrap your head with cling-film, and relax for a couple of hours.

8)  Rinse henna from your hair thoroughly,it can be grainy so use a mild shampoo if having trouble, follow up with a light conditioner, and notice the feel of your hair once it is all rinsed out- what do you think?

My Great Henna Shine

9)  Apply a hydrating Deep Conditioner and sit under a steamer or dryer for 30 mins, rinse and marvel at your hair!

Some people add an acidic ingredient to their mix to help the colour release, I don't as I find it naturally releases when left overnight, as I find adding vinegar or lemon juice too drying for my hair!

I always follow up with a moisturising deep conditioner as the henna as great as the benefits are can be drying on the hair at times.

Try it for yourself and see how your hair improves over time, Indian ladies have been using this for years and their hair always looks long and healthy!

Love yourself, Love your hair



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