Little Girls can LOVE their hair!

SESAME STREET, lets little black girls know its cool to LOVE YOUR NATURAL HAIR!!

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I want little black girls to love their hair, but the message I try to give, is really aimed at the parents, get your child to watch this video and see how they react...my daughter loves it, we have played it 6 times in 30 minutes already!!

I absolutely LOVE this video and its sooooooooo relevant to me right now, Sesame street have taken up my mission to get little black girls to love their own hair, and they even show how its curly and pretty, DOES NOT NEED relaxer and can still be styled, does grow healthily and most of all can be LOVED!! in 98 SECONDS!

We really need to look at the message we are sending out to our little girls when it comes to a huge part of their identity- THEIR NATURAL HAIR!

Its too easy to say ' I can't do hair or the hair is too tough or it DOESN'T GROW!! 

Take the time to invest in your daughters hair for their future, we do not need to see generation upon generation of Little black girls lost in a wave of 'WEAVES, WIGS, FAKE HAIR', even before they have hit puberty!!

Most kids hate vegetables or green foods, in a child's mind it looks yucky!  but if they are conditioned over time, they get used to those vegetables!

3 TOP TIPS to Get your little girl to love her hair!!

1)  Lead by example...ladies if you are always hiding your natural hair, or you never feel the urge to run your fingers through your own hair, maybe because its damaged, thinning, balding, then do something about it and explain to your child that you love your real hair, but you are growing it out!  The wig and weave are great styling options and great ways to grow your own hair, but PLEASE do not forsake your own hair, HAIR-LINE, for the sake of the fake hair

2)  Take the time to look after your child's hair!   Kinky, Coily or curly hair, basically hair that is not straight is never easy to deal with.   You know from your own childhood that Afro hair types and textures is no wash and go hair!   So with this in mind take a day out to condition, moisturise and style your child's hair so they feel good about themselves.  Make it a routine and it will become normal.

3) Say no to the chemicals! Relaxer are not a quick fix!!  Countless parents fall for the pretty kiddies relaxer box, designed by unscrupulous marketing machines of MILLION pound companies who take pleasure in producing a caustic chemical that we are happy to apply to a child as young of 2 years old head!!

Relaxers weaken your child's hair, relaxed hair actually requires more maintenance than Afro hair, so if you think you can apply the relaxer one day and continue to neglect the child's hair routine without causing hair-loss or worse, sorry but you are mistaken!

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