Spring Clean Your Hair Products!

Ladies its time to Refresh Your Hair Products...

I have learnt over the past 10 years that the products you use on your hair can sometimes be more detrimental to your hairs health than good. There are 100's of products in your local black hair shop that have been sitting on the shelf for years with no update to their formulas or addition to their ingredients listing:

  • Your hair grease has never changed from the time you were a child it still contains 80% petroleum/petrolatum (vaseline)- very bad for black hair types as petrolatum suffocates your hair strands and does not moisturise.

Doo Gro...will not make your hair grow!! - its full of vaseline!

  • Your shampoo probably still contains the very drying ingredients like; Sodium Lauryl Sulphate and Sodium Laureth Sulphate- which both rob you hair of its natural oils and leave it dry and stripped...
  • Does your conditioner now come in new packaging with the addition of panthenol or silk proteins in its formula?
  • Does your leave-in conditioner leave your hair limp or silky?

If you can answer yes, no, or relate to any of these questions then its time to overhaul your hair products and treat your hair to something new.

European Haircare

Unlike the European hair market- whereby every second advert on TV shows a new shampoo or conditioner designed to target a specific hair problem for European women, we do not have that same attention paid for our unique hair types.

However this does not mean that we cannot not search for better hair products for our hair on our own. The black hair-care market is vastly overlooked in this country as our hair is seen as difficult- but through my research I have found that there are some good products out there- you may have to pay a bit more for them- but as L'oreal says - "Your Worth It!

Not Marketed for Black Hair- But would you still use it?

Mainstream Haircare...

If you glance in any Boots or Superdrug you will see shelves and shelves of European haircare products, shampoos, conditioners and styling products all designed for specific hair-types and colours; brunettes, blondes and redheads! , Pantene, Dove, Garnier, L'oreal...I could go on and although in some Superdrug stores - they now have a small section of the shelf space dedicated to black hair- it only stretches as far as a couple of products from 'Dark N Lovely! It really is very sad.

You Pay For What You Want In life

Have you ever noticed that when you visit your trusted black haircare shop there are a small section of products that are out of your reach or encased behind glass...in my local shop this is the case.

These products usually Nexus or Aphogee and other not so popular or known brands are alot more expensive than your regular 'Dark n Lovely' or the popular 'Organics range. Brands like Nexxus are usually marketed as salon professional brands, so when you go for a treatment at the hairdressers she might use a product like Nexxus or Aphogee.

Although expensive, they are for a reason- they are usually of a better quality than the standard brands on the shelves. I have ben using Nexxus for many years and they do have some excellent quality products...I think nothing of paying £12.00 for a good leave-in conditioner if it does what is says it will. Nexxus usually does. I am not rich but when it comes to my hair there is no cost(within reason) that is not worth it!
Nexxus- Expensive but worth it!!

Stateside Haircare:

In the USA there is such a variety of haircare and the price range and quality varies from product to product. In America you can pick-up a high quality shampoo and deep conditioner for a little as £3-4.00, they have brands like Giovanni and Infusium 23, which are good products that are sold in the convenience stores like Walmart and Walgreen.
They also sell products like Nexxus on the shelves not tucked away behind the counter! and as you can imagine its also cheaper to buy Nexxus in America- Nexxus Phyto is relatively new in the US, its a new line of products by Nexxus- but I have not seen it in my local hair shop.

Quality at low prices:
Even companies like Neutrogena in the USA do fantastic haircare ranges- but again they do not sell them over here. Whenever I am on holiday in the US I always stock up on my products...

A Great Cheap Product -But Not Available In The UK!!

Try Something New...

Why not treat yourself to a new conditioner or shampoo- I like in particular Sulphate-free shampoo ranges like JASON and AUBREY Organics- very kind to the hair and nourishing. If you find them to be too expensive then try...Creme of Nature Detangling Shampoo- which is mild and sulphate free and a cheapie!

In terms of conditioners and treatments...when browsing in the supermarket or your local Boots take a walk down the haircare aisle and pick up a Dove Conditioner the intense care replenishing pack in the dark blue tub is a favourite of mine, also the Scharwpz haircare range is very good or why not try some Pantene Pro-V, although marketed at the European market- they are great for black hair too, as all hair is made of the same material- Keratin. So try something new and upgrade your haircare range.

A Kinder Range of Haircare- Try them!!

'Start a Regime for Your hair with good quality products and ressurect it from the dead- Anything is Possible- with commitment...your hands hold the power!

See the difference...

This picture shows how you can dramatically change your hairs destiny- with consistency, commitment and the will to want better...The ROOT ENERGiZER Oil dramatically improved this head of hair...as well as sticking to and maintaining a simple regime and trying new products. One thing does not work alone...

For quality Natural haircare that really will give you the results you want, check out...

Next Post: The Triple M's...Moisture, Moisture, Moisture- why your hair will not thrive without it...

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Anonymous said...

Is the Root Energizer in the shops

Sade256 said...

whats a good a leave-in conditioner?

Liah_Black said...

This is is a good piece of advice- we never think about using white peoples type hair stuff, I will try out some Dove (lol)

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Excellent work done. Don’t mind me posting a link of this post on my website? It will help my viewers as well.And yes i have book mark your site root2tip.blogspot.com .

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