Stimulate Your Scalp To GROW Hair!

Scalp Stimulation = Better Hair Growth

How many times a day do you think about the skin that is home to one of the most significant features of your individual identity- Your Hair,  and that home being your scalp- once. twice never?

Well your not alone, as the scalp is often the most neglected area of skin on our bodies, some people's scalp only get cleansed once maybe twice a month, some  people think that dirt on their scalp that is accumulating under a weave or a wig is actually productive for hair growth?

Unfortunately neither way of thinking or acting is great for growing hair!

If you never washed or moisturised the skin on your face for weeks or months at a time, how much dirt do you think that skin would accumulate...eeeeeeeeeeeewwww! its not even worth thinking about, so why try the skin that is home to your hair any different? 

After all its still skin isnt it?

TLC Tips for your scalp to help your hair grow:

Cleanse your scalp regularly:

Aim to keep your scalp clean and dirt free as much as possible.  Any build-up of sweat, grease or dirt will slow down and even stop active hair growth.  The roots of the hair need to breathe so help them by cleansing your scalp regularly.

No Poo! cleansing:

Your shampoo can sometimes be the greatest irritant to a sensitive scalp, many shop brought shampoos contain Sulphates in them, these harmful ingredients are the cleansing and foamiong agents in your shampoo, howver they are too harsh for hair of afro descent and too harsh for the scalp also.

Use a shampoo that is Sulphate free, try an organic shampoo or try a conditioner to wash the hair and scalp with.

Conditioner aka - co-washing

I often use a conditioner to wash my hair with- why?  Because its far less drying than your average shampoo, and being aperson with afro hair my hair is always dry, so the conditioner helps me to combat the dryness associated with washing your hair, by adding moisture to my hair and cleansing my scalp at the same time.

Nourish your dry thirsty scalp like the plants in your garden!

If your a keen gardener you will understand that your beloved plants will only flourish and thrive when their soil is moist, the roots are tenderly nourished and stimulated with a fertiliser from time to time and they are not thirsty. 

In short, your soil is your scalp and your plant is your hair! 

Of course hair will always grow on your head until the day you die, however the type of hair you will grow is dependant on the nourishment your scalp receives

Quench my thirst:

When it comes to my scalp, I only reach out for all things natural, Grease is the devils child in my book, cheap, thick and sticky, it does not penetrate through the skin in the scalp to where nourishment is needed, instead it allows dirt to accumulate and slow down hair growth.

You can grow weak thin hair prone to breakage due to its home (being neglected and not nourished) or you can grow stronger thicker hair due to its home being nourished and quenched. 

A Natural Solution:

A great new product to try out today is the Scalp Hydration Serum, see below for details and a chance to buy it  from this site at the special introductory price of £9.99 until the end of August. 

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Formulated hand in hand with Mother Nature, using 100% PURE and NATURAL ingredients and ‘Active Mineral Particles that melt on contact with your hair and scalp to fortify and strengthen after just one use.

Consistent use of this oil will:


Dry, Weak and breaking hair/Hair lines

Scalp flaking/Dandruff

Constant itching

And give you:

A Healthy, Nourished scalp from the root!

Thicker, longer, stronger hair growth

No more itching or dandruff

Beautiful hair from ROOT2TiP!

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