Can I Thicken My Hair?

Thin hair v Thick hair...

These are my 10 tips to getting thicker hair!!

Ladies whats your flavour?

I will almost always choose Short thick hair over Thin long hair ANY DAY!

So these are my tips to thickening your hair that's always been thin  and lifeless!!

1)  Be prepared to do something different to gain a different result with your hair!!

Let me repeat that, let me take it to church ladies...lol!


2)  If you hair is relaxed and thin, try s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g  the relaxer touch-ups out!!


The longer you wait to relax the roots of your hair, the thicker the roots will be, you will have less chance of over-lapping your hair and creating that skinny hair look you are trying to change!!

3)  Invest in the Healthy Scalp pack, from ROOT2TiP... it consists of 2  scalp oils that are 100% natural and will help to stimulate GROWTH, eliminate your DRY itchy scalp and create an environment in your scalp that promotes thicker, healthier hair GROWTH!!

Don't believe it works?

check out these pics from people who use it:

5 months of PROGRESS after the Big Chop!!
5 Months in a weave and growth from the HEALTHY Hair pack from root2tip!

So what is the Healthy Haircare pack??


The Healthy Hair-care pack from ROOT2TiP, avavilable from www.root2tip.com or PAK's Cosmetics!!

4)  Give your hair some much needed attention daily:  Moisturise your hair daily especially the ends.

Use a water based moisturiser or creme.

5) If your natural or relaxed,  try an indirect heat regime for 12 months:  i.e. No blow-dryers, they really can thin the hair out when used frequently- Air-dry your hair instead!

Your hair loves to be AIR-dried, it will get MUCH thicker over time!!
6)  If you like to flat-iron your hair, then Air-dry it first, then flat-iron it, do not double up on the heat!!  that will thin your hair out over time.

Always use a heat protectant too!!

7)  Eat a diet rich in Protein, to grow thicker hair internally!!

Try Eggs for breakfast  in the morning!!

Your hair is made from PROTEIN, so eat plenty of it to GROW thicker stronger hair!!

8) Keep your scalp clean, so it is easy for it to grow the hair you want!!

A plant wont grow well in soil that's dirty, dry and under nourished,  neither will your hair!!

Try to co-wash every couple of days to ensure your scalp is clean and free to grow thicker hair!!

9) Exercise regularly to keep your body healthy and increase the circulation of blood-flow to your head!

Try to work-out at least 3 times a week!

10)  Don't Stress- whenever you are stressed your hair can be the first things that will take the brunt of it.  You may experience hair shedding, or alopecia as a result of stress, so relax, PRAY and keep stress at bay, to start enjoying thicker hair today!!

Stay Blessed,


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