My Little Girl wants straight hair??

Does your daughter love her natural hair?

I have a 4 year old and ever since she has been about 2 years old I started introducing her to healthy hair care practices.

Practice makes perfect!

I keep it simple by telling her about the conditioners we use on her hair and why, I have also have gotten her to love her satin headscarf! so much so she reminds me to put it on her head if ever I forget before she goes to bed!

TOPTIP:Maintain a regular routine so it becomes second nature to your child to have their hair treated.

Self esteem:

Our girls are bombarded with images of long straight hair often achieved by the use of exstensions or weaves and wigs, so naturally its what they will gravitate towards, its up to us as parents to create in their minds , a positive self-image of their hair no matter the kink, coil or curl.

Happy little girls with their own natural hair...

Beautiful Kinki hair... ;)

Do you unwillingly neglect your childs hair?

As a mother you have enough on your plate as it is- but please make the time to care for your childs hair now while they are young, see it as an investment into their confidence. No-one wants to commit their child to a life of instant weaves- hair pieces or wigs!

You are the caretaker for your childs hair up until they reach the age of ? well until they understand the true nature of good hair care practices.

Mum's /Guardian's... you need to make sure you do the following to ensure your childs hair stays healthy and strong:

Learn this mantra: conditioner is a curls best friend!!

Condition the hair regularly- x 1 a week :)

Freshly conditioned hair!

Apply a deep conditioning treatment - x 2 a month :)

Shampoo with a sulfate free shampoo- x 1 a month

Oil scalp- (not with any grease :( - x 1 a week

Moisturise the hair daily with a leave-in conditioner and a hair butter/lotion

Healthy moisturised hair in a non-damaging child friendly style

Trim the ends when they become damaged and dry

Let the hair air-dry- avoid blow-drying at all costs!

Apply a satin/plastic cap every night :)

Avoid damaging hairstyles- no exstensions on toddlers please :(

Avoid relaxers, texturisers and chemical softeners! :) (at least before puberty!)

Beautiful Curly hair!

Afro assumptions!!

Do not assume or take for granted, simply because you have had afro hair your whole life you understand what it takes to truly look after hair of afro descent!

Our hair is truly unique and special- teach your child to embrace the beauty of their nautural hair, introduce styles that will not damage the tresses but instead give it a chance to grow, healthy and strong.

Information courtesy of - Kinki Coili Kurli...

The naturally inspired hair care range for children with hair that isnt straight!

Coming Soon...


Anonymous said...

Since my daughter's birth, I have wonder what would I do when she was old enough really be interested in her hair style. I love keeping in natural, but I have to balance with her desire to have styles that use chemicals. Can someone give me their experience or advice? For now I we continue using the EdgeStick to style her natural hair.

- Young Mother

Realhair said...

Hi young Mother,

my daughter is 4 years old and she loves her natural hair, I hope that with positive praise, a good haircare regime that keeps it healthy and long and pretty hairstyles, she will as she gets older continue to LOVE her hair as it is.

In terms of the balance of desires to have straighter hairstyles that is normal especially when they get to the teenage years! I would try to teach her that the health of her hair depends on it being kept in a natural style, maybe use a banding technique to straighten irt instead of a blow-dryer or even do a braid-out so its nice and curly.

Individualism as hard as it is when a child wants to follow their peers is really the order of the day!

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