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Rollerset your way to healthier hair...

Hi ladies,

Its time to dust off the rollers and the bonnet hair-dryer and get yourself ready for your healthiest head of hair yet.


By using rollers to straighten and dry your hair instead of the fry it-limp-it-thin it-blow-dryer is one sure fire way to straighten and dry your hair the healthy way.

If you wash your hair and deep condition, apply a light leave-in conditioner- it then apply your rollers and get under the bonnet dryer to dry your hair...ok it is time consuming, but your hair will reap the benefits...


Thicker hair

Less breakage

Less split ends

Retain your hair length

Stronger hair

Hair with more body!

Shinier hair

Hair that moves!

Across the pond...

If you have ever been to the USA, you will notice that the women there live in the hair salon! and they also swear by their roller-sets...its a way of life for them. No matter how long or short their hair is, it has that SWANG!!

Check out this video showing a popular Dominican haircare technique used by ladies in the USA to get movement in the hair after roller-setting..

What do you think?

All you need to rollerset your own hair is:

A packet of magnetic rollers, get the biggest ones your hair can take, we are not going for granny style curls!!

A decent rat-tail comb, be careful not to buy the really cheap plastic ones that they sell in the local hairshop- they WILL rip your hair out...a quality comb will set you back at least £5.00!

A quality detangling comb, again you will not find this quality in your local Pak or hair shop!

An oldie but goody, however do not use it straight from the bottle, dilute it with water in one of these, for better results...

You can get one of these for 99p from your pound-shop!

A hooded dryer is a great investment in your hair! if not then compromise get a soft bonnet dryer, there quite inexpensive in argos!

Indirect heat like this from the bonnet dryer, is upto 90% better for your precious strands than theddirect fire of a blow-fryer- I mean dryer!!


Deep condition your hair with heat for at least 45minutes before your roller-set, then add a little leave-in conditioner, the key to swingy hair after rollersetting is not to use too much product!

Next proceed to rollerset your hair, with your bottle of lottabody water spray, take medium sections of hair, spray and smooth out with your quality rat-tail comb and add your rollers!

Practice makes perfect...

Once your hair is dry, proceed to wrap it...to get a smoother look.

Try this for 3 months and see how your hair improves...

Blowdryers or fryers!!

I know that blow-drying your hair is quick and convenient, but if your hair is already relaxed then its weak from that process alone, so when we add direct heat from the blow-dryer it weakens and dries out the hair even further!

When you blow dry black hair, we are zapping the moisture from the hair- the water inside the hair shaft boils and sometimes can explode- creating split ends...:(

Blow-dry tips:

If you do blow-dry ensure you always allow your hair to air-dry for at least 3o mins first,use the cool setting and always apply a heat protectant spray like...

Healthier hair is there for the taking...but how much do you really want it!!

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